Nusantara Gaming Guild- Aspire to Be New Citizens of the Metaverse

With the rise of blockchain, the gaming industry paradigm has completely shifted. Traditionally, video games had a linear distribution model where game developers would create a game and reap the upcoming benefits for themselves.

Currently the gaming market is worth $198 Billion of which play-to-earn games are considered to occupy an impressive space. Thanks to the Play-and-earn model, players get to earn money while playing games.

What is Nusa Guild?

Nusa Guild is a network which brings players and scholars together to discover games, play-and-earn and NFT assets aiming to cultivate a community of players.

Nusa Guild brings you a future of player-owned economy and skillful players being able to turn their digital labor into accumulative wealth. However to access the game, players will have to invest in digital assets and have the ability to leverage those assets. The player will not only recuperate the investment over time, but will also start to receive some revenue.

Nusa Guild’s vision is to utilize digital assets and cultivate Indonesian players to maximize their earning potential. By tapping into this industry with lucrative revenue, shareholders of the game will have much to gain thereby building the future of the gaming industry.

Outstanding features

Some of the key revenue-earning features will be:

The opportunity to not only purchase and own a digital asset on the Blockchain is great but then being able to sell it without restrictions on or off-chain is what makes for an avant-garde feature. This industry is ever expanding in real time. Nusa Guild has infinite value and potential being bound to a native token and the blockchain.

The Nusa Guild will constantly update the members on all social media. Stay updated for an exciting journey ahead!

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Nusantara Gaming Guild

Nusantara Gaming Guild


A Play-To-Earn gaming guild. Seeking yield around the metaverse.